[料理] Tuna Egged Rice::

Dinning out in Adelaide is quite expensive in comparison to Sydney. 

Although on average, Sydney is regarded has higher cost of living,

in recent years, I’ve gradually discovered that,

maybe Adelaide has just slightly lower,

or perhaps, almost the same cost of living in Sydney.



When I was in Sydney, 

everything was so affordable, even dinning out.

And I absolutely love FLAMINGTON MARKET! 

I always buy boxes of fruits and vegetables ♥♥♥

What not to love, for a hobbyist of homemade food, huh!

The only few things I feel, which is expensive, are:

1. Lodging

2. Transportation

3. Movie tickets



I love healthy Japanese food.

Most of my homemade food are quite influenced by Japanese cooking cultures.

Partly because my taste bud finds Japanese cooking more likeable than,

my own culture’s cooking — Chinese food.


And lately I’ve been craving for fresh seafood Japanese cuisine.

But I just didn’t want to spend too much on dinning out, 

which has low quality and excessive mayonnaise! 



Coincidentally, I was at HAPPY MART,

a local Korean mini market.

It sells packed fresh tuna sashimi,

which I’ve seen most sushi outlets have been using.

Happy Mart Address: 298, The Parade, Kensington, S.A.

They sells almost everything you need to make Korean cuisine.

And goods are reasonably priced.

Some goods are slightly cheaper than China Town’s grocery stores.

WARNING: never try to buy anything from City’s Korean Grocery Stores,

they are often overpriced!



It costs only $16 for one pack,

around palm size large fresh tuna.

It is fresh and irresistible♥♥♥




PREPARATION approximately 30 mins, 1 serving

cook 1 cup of short grain rice

6 finger size thickness of tuna sashimi

roasted white sesame seeds

finely chopped spring onion

your desired amount of wasabi

1 tablespoon of Japanese soya sauce

1 teaspoon of sweet rice wine

1 fresh egg (p.s. mine had 2 egg yolks in it! AWESOME ♥♥♥)




1. Wash and cook your short grain rice. It is optional to use sushi rice, but often they are sold at higher price. I think short grain rice is just fine to do the job. It takes approximately 25 mins to cook the rice with rice cooker. 

2. Roast your sesame seed at low heat, take it slow so that you don’t burnt them. It will give out nice fragrance.

3. Once the rice is done. Start to slice your tuna fish into finger thick size. Be generous! Cut it thick to enjoy the juiciness. 

4. Warm the soya sauce, then add the sweet rice wine and wasabi into it. Make sure these ingredients are nicely mixed.

4. Get large serving rice and arrange the sashimi around the bowl. Make sure you have a little hole in the middle of the rice so that the fresh egg yolk can sit nicely in the middle.

5. Drip the seasoning sauce and lastly garnish with finely chopped spring onion and roasted white sesame seed.


Viola! Bon Appetite♥




Written and photo taken in Norwood, Adelaide.

[印章] Sammy Lu

If you’re a frequent user of IG,

perhaps you might have come across this user @sueshine

@sueshine is Sue K.,

and she introduces herself as

 Mama to a brilliant & beautiful lil’ gal who happens to be Autistic. Wife to a kind hearted & tech savvy man. I crave whimsy.



Her pictures of Sammy Lu — her most beloved cute and whimsical daughter,

have smitten the hearts of many IGers,

including myself.



Her pictures often features all sort of homemade crafts

used to spice, colour and create dreams the days for Sammy.

She supports Sammy with endless

inspirations, courage, love, creativity, and innovation.

Helping Sammy to achieve and develop in her own way,

the skills and talents that are endowed to her.



Taken from @sueshine Instagram feed. All photos are copyright and own by @sueshine.

Lately, Sue had also been invited to a interview with Babiekins magazine,

sharing her experiences on raising her baby girl that needs special care.



Her sharing, love and devotion has

truly gave inspiration and courage to

parents, family members, friends and educators

who care for children with special needs.



I look at her experiences on

an educator and future mother’s point of view.

Giving me inspirations and bravery to approach children with special needs

with heart of love and understanding.



As well as making me aware,

the delicateness of caring for special needs children.

It requires more than just passion to care for special needs student in a classroom.

Often teachers overlooked on minor issues

that could actually mean and hurt the little soul allot.



Taken from @sueshine Instagram feed. All photos are copyright and own by @sueshine.

Smiling pictures of Sammy Lu had smitten my heart so much

that I could not resist to make a drawing of her.



Eventually, I’ve made a rubber stamp out of the drawing I made on Sammy Lu



I love the way @sueshine dresses Sammy Lu.

It’s always so trendy, colourful and cute.

I never know how to dress

and Sammy Lu’s dress code gives me idea on what to wear.



A coloured version of the rubber stamp.

Instead of her holding an umbrella,

I’ve just let her hand rested the way it is.

In future, perhaps I will carve an umbrella for her.



Take from @sueshine Instagram feed. All photos are copyright and own by @sueshine.

After I had informed her that I’ve made a rubber stamp of Sammy Lu.

@sueshine is very kind to feature my work at her feed.



Because of her kind gesture,

I had received more coverage on my Instagram.

People from her feed had came to look at my rubber stamp work.

I’m truly grateful for that.

Thank you very much @sueshine.



I had offered to send her this stamp,

but only if she wants it.



Written in Norwood, Adelaide.

Some photos are from @sueshine Instagram feed.

While other photos are taken in Adelaide by me.

[相機] My Camera








RUNDLE MALLにある古いカメラ屋さんから買ってました。





























撮影場所:St. Peters, Adelaide, Australia